The Tailor - Commedy Drama

Basilicata; a simple sun drenched village in Southern Italy is the backdrop for “The Tailor” where Pippo Mirici, a dark skinned, blue-eyed dreamer was born. His Father Vitto Mirici bestowed upon him the art and skill of tailoring unfortunately, his beloved tailoring shop is forced to close being replaced by fast-food mentalities and made-in-China suits.

 After the demise of Pippo’s ill-tempered mother, who was struck down by a slow moving cannelloni truck Pippo receives a postcard from America and is innocently lured by Luis his 2nd Cousin to work as an illegal in a Beverly Hills tailoring shop and falls in love with Tiffany an American dream girl. Tiffany has a heart of gold, but also a need for a pocket full of credit cards supplied by her overbearing sugar-daddy; Pippo’s businessman customer Frank Tucci.
Pippo comes to the aid of Tiffany when Frank, who aspires to political office, takes out a contract on her to keep her quiet. Torn between her newfound feelings for Pippo and the reality of her terrible situation, Tiffany is forced to trust Pippo and his plan to save her and to return to Basilicata to make babies. In the challenge of his life; to save the woman he loves, Pippo becomes embroiled in a love triangle, political scandal, international intrigue and the surprising use of his valued tailoring skills -- all the while he is haunted in his head by his angry mother for his foolish dreaming. Ultimately, Pippo’s innocence and kindly ways prevail.

America "Live" T.V.

America “Live” T.V. is a travel/lifestyle television show that documents the adventures of two beautiful Chinese Girls (our co-hosts) Miss China and her Friend Jo Chen, who won a special invitation in China to be the guest of celebrity star Clayton Norcross (“Bold and Beautiful”). It is segment-hosted by an American blonde girl and together Miss China and Jo experience the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, the heaven for the entertainment industry and exciting lifestyle. Host Clayton Norcross acts as their charming guide.

A light humorous culture clash of East meets West that evolves as Miss China and Jo experience their exciting and surprising visit. They meet tons of amazing people, attend VIP events and go to interesting places. America “Live” T.V. documents it all: a stylish shopping spree on Rodeo Drive; attending exclusive “Red Carpet Events”; the internationally famous Getty Center Museum and cheering court side at a Los Angeles Laker’s basketball game. Sparks fly between Miss China and Clayton. Jo is a vivacious drama queen. She is fun and always makes people laugh.

The show is shot reality style..

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