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Windy City Communications

Windy City is a distribution and production company. The company was created in 1995 to provide film financing, production and distribution to films in worldwide markets. 

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Completed Pictures and the Production of In-House Feature Films

We have concentrated solely on completed pictures and the production of in-house feature films, one of which is our recent production and release of “The Real Thing” starring James Russo, Emily Lloyd, Gary Busey, Jeremy Piven, Rod Steiger and Esai Morales. In addition, we have represented 30 other theatrical pictures in domestic and international markets including the Journal Film Library: “Hostage” starring Sam Neill and Talisa Soto, the Sundance Film Festival Winner “Spanking the Monkey” starring Jeremy Davies, “The Last Good Time” starring Armin Mueller-Stahl, “La Amiga” starring Liv Ullmann. Domestically, we have released our product through such companies as Columbia TriStar, Trimark Pictures, Sony Classics, Bravo and Warner Bros. We are currently involved with “X-7” an international T.V. series featuring GP motorcycle racing and talent packaged the Italian project “Pontormo” starring Joe Mantegna for Palamo Film. Our next Italian co-production will be “Il Sarto” (the tailor) slated to star Joe Mantegna, Paul Sorvino, Walter Nudo.

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The Tailor –
Comedy Drama

Basilicata; a simple sun drenched village in Southern Italy is the backdrop for “The Tailor” where Pippo Mirici, a dark skinned, blue-eyed dreamer was born. His Father Vitto Mirici bestowed upon him the art and skill of tailoring unfortunately, his beloved tailoring shop is forced to close being replaced by fast-food mentalities and made-in-China suits.

  After the demise of Pippo’s ill-tempered mother, who was struck down by a slow moving cannelloni truck Pippo receives a postcard from America and is innocently lured by Luis his 2nd Cousin to work as an illegal in a Beverly Hills tailoring shop and falls in love with Tiffany an American dream girl. Tiffany has a heart of gold, but also a need for a pocket full of credit cards supplied by her overbearing sugar-daddy; Pippo’s businessman customer Frank Tucci.  Pippo comes to the aid of Tiffany when Frank, who aspires to political office, takes out a contract on her to keep her quiet. Torn between her newfound feelings for Pippo and the reality of her terrible situation, Tiffany is forced to trust Pippo and his plan to save her and to return to Basilicata to make babies. In the challenge of his life; to save the woman he loves, Pippo becomes embroiled in a love triangle, political scandal, international intrigue and the surprising use of his valued tailoring skills — all the while he is haunted in his head by his angry mother for his foolish dreaming. Ultimately, Pippo’s innocence and kindly ways prevail. 

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